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Debt Management Programme (D.M.P)

A Debt Management Programme, also known as a Debt Management Plan and is set up by a professional debt adviser in accordance with the consumer credit act legislation.

A candidate for a D.M.P is usually someone who has between £2,500 and £15,000 in unsecured debt such as credit cards, personal loans and store cards.

A debt management professional adviser will negotiate an agreed monthly pay off for the debt with your creditors.

It is an informal agreement with your creditors it is not filed with the court as with an I.V.A.

An adviser will arrange for one affordable monthly payment, this is calculated from your income and expenditure and will be a figure that you can genuinely afford after paying all of your day to day expenses.

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Government legislation says that you must be able to pay your day to day living expenses before making debt payments.

This is the law, you can not be forced to make debt payments you cannot realistically afford

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